In The Lights, Camera, Action Issue, i-D gets reacquainted with R&B superstar and Givenchy #FROW’er, Cassie.

Cassie’s back! She’s sitting front-row at Givenchy, she’s singing up a storm on King Of Hearts, and she’s talking about the underground with Tri Angle Records’ Robin Carolan, in a Central London McDonald’s for our Summer 2012 Issue. Here, we offer up a glimpse at what lies within The Lights, Camera, Action and offer up an exclusive snapshot from behind-the-scenes on the shoot.

“When I finished doing my touring on the first album I spoke with Puff, and the first thing he asked me was, ‘What are you gonna do?’ and I said, ‘I kinda wanna start over again.’ That’s where it all began.”

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– Photoshoots from 2012: James White [i-D]
– Photoshoots: Behind The Scenes > James White [i-D] [2012]

Source: i-D Online