Information Regarding the Best Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Techniques

A tight, attractive body, is something many women want. But most people fight with annoying fat deposits, which have formed over time and just do not want to disappear no matter how much the woman diets and exercises. Neither sports nor nutrition attack the fat cells in these places. Therefore, such local fat deposits offer non-invasive procedures that permanently give the body a new contour.

One innovation among the new grease-away technologies is cryolipolysis – the icing of fat cells. This is one of the best non-surgical fat reduction techniques on the planet and is better known as CoolSculpting.

Permanent fat reduction due to cold therapy

The method is based on the observation that fat cells are very sensitive to cold. Targeted cooling of the treatment area causes the fat cells to crystallize in the tissue just below the skin, while other cells and tissue types show no reaction. The crystallized fat lipids destroy the cell membrane from the inside so that the fat escapes and is gradually broken down by the body.

The natural process of metabolism will happen within the three months following CoolSculpting. With the help of this cold shock therapy, it is possible to achieve a fat reduction completely without scarring and without surgery. Since the fat cells are irrevocably destroyed, less fatty acids can be stored in the future and the new body shape – at least in the treated area – can be permanently maintained.

The treatment

Using CoolSculpting, the body area to be treated is aspirated with one or more applicators. A gel or gel fleece applied to the treatment area protects the skin and tissue during treatment. The applicators generate a vacuum and thus cool the excess fat cells as effectively as possible during a period of 30 to 60 minutes at 0 to 2.5 degrees Celsius.

A single treatment should be able to reduce upper layers of fat by up to 30 percent. The fat reduction by cold, however, varies depending on the duration of the cold, personal dispositions, and device used. The cost varies depending on the field of application and device.

Professional treatment with certified device costs about $750 per hour. Depending on the size of the fat deposits, several treatments may be necessary until the desired result is achieved.