Six Factors to Consider When Choosing X-Ray Aprons

Selecting x-ray lead aprons is an important decision for medical facility managers who maintain a radiation team. Each member of the team needs to have the appropriate type of apron to comfortably and safely perform their work. There are six major factors to consider when choosing x-ray aprons.

Protection is the Top Priority

An x-ray lead apron is used to protect staff from the radiation that exists while doing their jobs. Medical facilities are expected to provide an apron designed for the job, based on the time and length of the work. The lead in the apron should be at the right measurements to provide superior protection to the wearer.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Staff members recognize there is some level of discomfort when wearing a heavy lead apron, but choosing the right one can make a difference. For example, someone in an emergency room needs an apron that is quick to remove. A staff member who is working for long hours wants an effective yet lightweight apron.

Stay Within the Budget

Every medical facility has a bottom line when it comes to how much money can be spent on medical equipment. Be aware of the budget and make sure it is enough to cover the basic apron each staff member needs. Work with a supplier who offers competitive pricing.

Style is a Consideration

Style is another consideration when choosing x-ray aprons. Each one is worn differently, based on the responsibilities of the wearer. When in doubt, ask questions to determine if the apron is the right fit for the department.

Color and Texture

Lead x-rays aprons come in various colors and textures. Keep the environment in mind to choose aprons that fit in aesthetically.

Durability for Long-Term Use

Purchasing medical equipment such as lead aprons is a significant investment. Choose aprons that are constructed to be durable and functional for a long time to come.

Consult with a medical equipment expert and learn more here about selecting x-ray lead aprons for all types of staff members and situations. Find out how to get the best possible aprons that also fit into the facility’s budget.