Three Companies Founded by Jim Plante are Turning Technology Toward Healthcare

Entrepreneur Jim Plante has invested over a quarter of a century into entrepreneurship and investment in the fields of technology and healthcare. His many successes along the way have contributed to an especially impressive record for someone working in such competitive and fast-changing industries. A quick look at a few of Plante’s current projects will reveal that there are plenty of reasons to predict an equally bright future.

Acknowledging the Frequently Disruptive Nature of Technology

Technology almost always disrupts existing arrangements as it enables progress for businesses and individuals. The flux and turmoil that so often come with the adoption of a new technological development, however, need to be accounted for and managed appropriately if the net result is to be positive.

Entrepreneurs like Plante frequently grapple with this balancing act as a matter of fundamental concern. Startups and later stage businesses that intend to make the most of particular technologies always need to account for the fact that setbacks and other undesirable outcomes can arise if great care is not taken.

Three Companies Dedicated to Shaking Things Up Safely

This is especially true when technology is brought to bear on healthcare and the life sciences. An ill advised application for a new technology could cause great harm, while even a better grounded effort could result in unforeseen side effects.

As such, it takes a particularly fine touch, in many cases, to figure out how best to utilize a new technology in order to promote human health. Three companies founded by Plante in recent years have made this a core part of their missions:

  • Pathway Genomics. Although the human genome was mapped out in its outlines many years ago now, concrete benefits have been relatively slow to accrue. Pathway Genomics is devoted to making genetic testing more widely available and in ways that will benefit as many as possible.
  • Klotho Therapeutics. Those committed to the fight against aging have gained a new ally in the form of Klotho Therapeutics.
  • Think Capital. Ambitious technology and life sciences startups often need funding more than anything else, and Think Capital is dedicated to supporting those that are worthiest.

Businesses like these are helping to bring technology to bear on human health in ways that can only be beneficial. Entrepreneurs like Plante who have the experience needed to achieve that can provide much of value.