Why Patients Rely on Specialty Surgeons to Show Them How to Address Signs of Aging

It has been said the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether that is true or not, human eyes can definitely broadcast a person’s age. Drooping eyelids and wrinkles in the eye area are a couple of the first signs of aging. In fact, these issues can make men and women look much older than their chronological age.

With that in mind, many people schedule consultations with plastic surgeons who know how to address signs of aging. Patients who also want the benefit of advanced methods often choose doctors who are certified in both ophthalmology and plastic surgery. These practitioners use laser procedures to improve eyelids and under-eye problems.

Eyelid Surgery Can Make A Dramatic Difference

There are many procedures surgeons can use to make patients look younger, but few are as dramatic as eyelid surgery. The procedure is known as blepharoplasty and can be performed on the lower and upper eyelids. Many patients have both done at the same time. A plastic surgeon can address drooping upper eyelids caused by protruding fat and excess skin. During a lower blepharoplasty, doctors repair lid bagging and wrinkling around the eyes.

Laser Procedures Offer Excellent Results

Eyelid surgery is not new, but it has traditionally been performed by surgeons who cut into the skin with scalpels. Today, patients can opt for laser surgery that is far more precise and clean. Healing from laser surgery is quicker than traditional procedures and produces excellent results. Practitioners can also use laser resurfacing to rejuvenate and tighten lower eyelid skin.

Some Surgery Is Covered by Insurance

Most patients who opt for laser eyelid surgery feel that it is well worth the full cost because it boosts their confidence and can even give them an edge in business. However, some do not have to pay the full cost. If a doctor finds that drooping eyelids are contributing to reduced vision, insurance companies will often pay for corrective procedures.

Surgery to correct drooping eyelids is a popular procedure because it can make patients look younger and more refreshed. Many patients opt for laser surgery that allows them to heal quickly and enjoy exceptional results. Procedures may be covered by insurance if doctors find that issues reduce patients’ vision.